CONTACT  My work is available for show or purchase. I would love to hear from you -!
ABOUT ME  I call myself an Artist, first and foremost, every day. This acknowledges that I see the world through the eyes of an artist, able to assess, problem solve, invent and build all manner of things and ideas. Its about navigating life as much as it is about creating art. It also helps me stay focused on art-making as a priority, to maintain intent to create, to work on improving my craft, and to establish discipline. I know I can always put pencil to paper to draw, design, imagine and play. 
ABOUT MY WOVEN PAINTINGS   ​​​​​​​Woven paintings combine my love for pattern, design and textile processes. I discovered the technique while searching for a way to improve the flimsy pages of an inexpensive sketchbook, first gluing pages together and eventually landing on the weave. 
For each piece, I paint two corresponding images on paper and hand cut them into strips, one-by-one, for weaving. While weaving, I make many decisions about weave patterns to emphasize areas of the paintings, scraps of color to add, and how to shape and size the strips to fit into imperfect rows - an effect of the paper shifting and adjusting to the weave patterns. As I cut the paper into strips, the intricate lines and textures of the painting come into focus, resulting in many small, beautiful "paintings" that I can enjoy before weaving them together. Once woven, the viewer can see both the full effect of the textured painting, or move in close to find these tiny images. This play of line, color and texture, the opportunity to design in the moment, the physicality of the weave process, and the surprise I have always experienced with textile processes, all work together to keep me engaged from the start to the finish of every piece.
OLD BLOG Look here for a glimpse of another important time in my creative growth. ​​​​​​​
2001, MFA in Artisanry/Textiles, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, New Bedford, MA, (Thesis)
1995, Textile Painting, California College of the Arts (California College of Arts & Crafts), Oakland, CA
, Intro to Weaving, University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
, BFA in Illustration, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
COMING Dec 2020, Curator: Group Show, Artists of Springfield MA, Anchor House for Artists, Northampton, MA
COMING Oct 2020, "Like Father/Like Daughter", w/Steve Shelasky, Mass Audubon/Arcadia, Easthampton, MA
COMING Oct 2020, "Like Father/Like Daughter", w/Steve Shelasky, Storrs Library, Longmeadow, MA
COMING Sept 2020, Curator: Group Show, Artists of Springfield MA, Amy Carberry Gallery, Springfield, MA
COMING Apr 2020, Duo Exhibition, Bennett Gallery, Amherst, MA

2019, Curator: Group Show, Artists of Springfield MA, Springfield City Library, MA
2019, "Like Father/Like Daughter", w/Steve Shelasky, Photographer, Hosmer Gallery, Northampton, MA
2019, Curator: Group Show, Artists of Springfield MA, Easthampton City Arts Gallery, MA
2019, Solo Exhibition, "Seeking Possibilities", Easthampton City Arts, MA
2019, Group Show, "Blue", Honorable Mention, Monson Arts Council, Monson, MA
2019, Group Show, "Rebel Art Showcase", Dane Gallery, Indian Orchard Mills Studios, MA
2018, Juried Show and Sale, Small Works Gallery, Gateway City Arts, Holyoke, MA
2018, Juried Show, "Paper Jam", Great Falls Discovery Center, Turners Falls, MA
2018, Juried Show, Gallery A3, Amherst, MA
2015, "What are you thinking?", Alumni Exhibition, CVPA Campus Gallery, UMass Dartmouth, Dartmouth, MA
2015, Juried Show, Monson Arts Council, Monson, MA
2006, Solo Exhibition, Drawings, Yellow Sofa Cafe, Northampton, MA
2005, "And In One Another", Sketchbook Project & Exhibit, Northampton, MA
2004, "A Textile Legacy: Barbara Goldberg, Artist & Teacher", New Bedford Art Museum, New Bedford, MA
2001, MFA Thesis Exhibition, University Gallery, UMass Dartmouth, New Bedford, MA
2016, Dyeing Scarves Workshop I & II, Springfield Jewish Community Center, Springfield, MA
2001-09, PreK-8th grade art classes, My Art Studio (self-employed business), Western MA
2001-06, Various youth fibers classes, Worcester Center for Crafts, Worcester, MA
2003-06, Coordinator, Teen Apprentice Program, Worcester Center for Crafts, Worcester, MA
2005, Seminar for Teachers: Valuing Student Work, Worcester Center for Crafts, Worcester, MA
2003, Drawing & Design for Crafts, Worcester Center for Crafts, Worcester, MA
2002-03, Survey of Fiber Art, Worcester Center for Crafts, Worcester, MA
2000, Structural Drawing, UMass Dartmouth, New Bedford, MA
1999, 2D Design Workshop, UMass Dartmouth, New Bedford, MA
2019-present, Communications Coordinator, Make-It Springfield, Downtown Community Makerspace
2018-present, Director, Artists of Springfield MA, artist collective
2001-09, My Art Studio, PreK-8th grade art classes, various locations, self-employed, Western MA
2001-06, Youth Programs Coordinator/Textile Studio Manager, Worcester Center for Crafts, Worcester, MA
1991-98, Illustration, Graphic Design, Website Design, various companies, San Francisco, CA
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